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Artful Repair Needle Felting Mending Kit

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Introducing our Artful Repair Needle Felting Mending Kit – your solution to transforming pesky holes and snags into delightful works of art! Made to order with love and care, please allow 3-5 days for me to create your kit.

Unlock the magic of mending using needle felting. This super satisfying technique is not only quick and easy but also perfect for mending novices! Whether you're filling holes, revitalizing threadbare areas, or disguising stains on your cherished knitwear, our kit offers a kaleidoscope of colors to suit your needs. You can even work from the 'wrong' side of the garment for more discreet repairs, using similar-colored wool for seamless blending.

With a thoughtful mix of naturally-colored and vibrant wools*, our kit gives you the freedom to cleverly conceal repairs or embrace the joy of visible mending. Crafters of all expertise levels, ages 8 and up (with supervision), can enjoy the artful process of repairing garments with our versatile kit.

Elevate your mending game and add a touch of creativity to your wardrobe – order your Artful Repair Needle Felting Mending Kit today!
Each mending kit contains:
* Wool Batt & Wool Roving in 10 colors
* 2 felting needles, 38 gauge
* 2 felting needles, 40 gauge
* Wood Needle Holder
* Dense Foam Felting Mat
*Please note: Wool colors depicted in photos are samples only; actual colors may vary due to availability.

This kit is for personal use only!

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