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Create & Enjoy Crafting at Home

Welcome to Happy Hedgehog Post, where we celebrate the art of crafting as a journey of self-care and soulful connection. 🌿✨ Our mission is to provide women with a haven to explore the therapeutic wonders of needle felting, hand sewing, hand embroidery, and macramé.

Crafting is more than creating; it's a path to mindfulness and self-expression. Our high-quality supplies are carefully chosen to elevate your crafting experience, while our photo and video tutorials create a seamless learning journey, quieting the mind and engaging your hands and heart. 🧵

"The projects are high quality, clearly laid out, and often get us trying something new! I've so enjoyed the hours we've spent around the table creating our HHP kits, and we treasure so many of them dearly.


"We adore the handcrafts you curated for us over the last year. All decorations for each festival lovingly made with great care by my children. Heirlooms we will cherish for many years to come."


Every Order Gives Back