At Happy Hedgehog Post, we believe creating is a form of self-care for the heart and soul. It helps you slow down and connect to yourself. Handwork quiets the mind, engages the hands, and connects to the soul.
Inside our community you will find:
  • a library of seasonal handwork projects (42 and counting!)
  • craft-a-long videos
  • bonus content
  • virtual classes
  • shop discounts

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" To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow." ~ Kurt Vonnegut


Within our membership we provide you with a hands-on learning experience.  You will learn needle felting, wet felting, hand sewing, hand embroidery, and more.
Beginner? No problem. I'll guide you step-by-step.
Experienced crafter? You'll find new ideas and learn new skills.


Memberships start at just  $10!

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Learn a variety of handwork skills while crafting along side of me.
Types of handwork you can expect:
  • needle felting
  • wet felting
  • hand sewing
  • embroidery
  • paper cutting (window transparencies)
  • paper folding (window stars, origami, ect)